This issue is dedicated to all of those impacted by the floods in Colorado.  The horrible events have not only impacted people's lives in the present.  They will be felt for years to come in the hearts of Coloradans, the local economies, and the environment.

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Thank you for viewing the inaugural issue of  On The Fly Magazine. We hope you enjoy the articles, photography and videos as much as the contributors have enjoyed creating them.  Chances are that if you are viewing this magazine, you know the joy of chasing birds and fish in your home territory and afar.  OTFM will focus on both, the near and the far.  Life is short.  Make it a good ride.  Oh, and one other thing, share OTFM with a friend!



3  Chicks with Sticks                     Ladies in the Field and Water

35 Happy Ending                           The Last Shot




 4   Toothy Critters Love Flies

           Article and Photography by George Bernstein

7    Blitzed            

          Striper, bluefish and false albacore off of Montauk. 

          Photography by Jim Levison.  Article by Jim Gebhart

16  Dove, A Southern Family Tradition

           Article and photography by Jim Gebhart

18  Adequate Catch

           Article by Anne Vandewalle


21  F5 - Buried in Snow

          Film by Tony Vandermore

22  Would You Believe This

           Article by Derek Grzelewski

27  Argentina, Sportsman's Paradise

           Article by Chuck Stankey

 29  Jaguar Fishing for Golden Dorado

           Article by Mario Battiston 

31 Pheasant Hunting Tactics

            Article by Kathleen Kalina

33    Ode to Fishing

      Poem by Carol Gebhart