Rod Hamilton has been an avid fly fisher for over forty years chasing salmon, trout and steelhead from his home base in British Columbia, Canada during the summer and flats species in the tropics during the winter. Through his recently published book Do It Yourself Bonefishing and blog he shares his passion for catching bonefish on the fly with like-minded fishermen from around the world. In addition to the book and his online outlets he writes for a variety of magazines and is currently working on his next book, Bonefishing: Off The Beaten Flat.

Rod will be sending Dispatches from the Flats as he fishes his way across some of the best bonefishing flats in the world.  His dispatches will be updated to the Winter Issue of OTFM.  Stay tuned.

Bonaire:  I have been bonefishing on the island of Bonaire for the last two weeks. For those who don't know, Bonaire is located off the coast of Venezuela but is a special municipality within the country of the Netherlands. It is a divers, wind surfer and kite borders paradise, but not known for bonefishing. But they are here!!!!! We are starting to get the hang of this unique environment and landing a fair number of fish each day. Stay get better for us as we figure out the when, where and how of bonefishing on Bonaire Casting for bonefish in the tropics can be a challenge and Bonaire is no exception. Every day the trade winds blow here at 25 - 35 mph. Great for the wind surfers and kite boarders but challenging for a fly caster. In most places the winds come and go and eventually you get a break. Often you can fish the early morning or late afternoons to avoid the wind and fish calm waters. Here it never stops. I usually get 90-120 days of fishing on the flats in each year, so wind is part of the program. And the truth be told now, doesn't really effect me much. Deal with it, figure out how to present the fly and go fish. It all comes with time. But I have come to the conclusion that 30 mph is about my max. Can cast 30 - 35 feet upwind into those conditions and that is fine. It's that right to left cross wind that never ceases to drive me crazy. I'm coming out with a new flats hat for those looks a lot like a hockey helmet and weighted flies just bounce off it.

Dispatches From the Flats

DIY Bonefishing

by Rod Hamilton