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Amy McMahon

Amy began illustrating aquatic insects after graduating from Colorado State University with a B.S. in Biological Sciences, where her studies focused on insects and ecology.  She has worked in the field of aquatic biology since 2009 and is a certified taxonomist for Western Ephemeroptera, Plecoptera, and Trichoptera (mayfly, stonefly, and caddisfly) and Western Chironomidae (midge) organisms.  After exposure to fly fishing - and quickly becoming and addict- she wanted to share with others the intricate and beautiful details of aquatic insects that are sometimes overlooked when the focus is catching fish.  "Looking at tiny details on these bugs under a microscope every day makes you really appreciate their beauty and the differences between them that aren't always noticeable when you're out on a river".  Amy currently lives in Fort Collins, Colorado where she looks forward to fishing trips with her dog, Rio, when she's not busy working on new art designs. "I'm lucky to have found an artistic outlet that combines my background in Biology and Entomology with my love of fly fishing - not everyone has that opportunity and I'm constantly encouraged by the support and feedback I receive".

O'Donnel Hooligan Beer Review

Iowanian Beer

To all OTFM readers, don’t fret if your travels take you to Iowa.  It is not just a corn state.  I discovered an amazing atmosphere of people, food, and brews.  First stop took my caravan to Davenport to visit family, then to  the local grocery. Only selecting local craft beer, I snagged Millstream Brewing Co.’s Schild Brau Amber, Bent River Brewing Co.’s Uncommon Stout, & EB’s Back Pocket Brewery Sling Shot Dunkel. My evening was without a doubt satisfying. The Schild Brau Amber is a Vienna-Style Lager.  The taste was light with a touch of sweetness. A fine lager that light beer drinkers would enjoy.  Without hesitation I popped open the Uncommon Stout. The first flavor my palate recognized was coffee ending to the tones of barley. It's an easy drinking stout receiving high marks in my book.  The 3rd and final 6 pack unlocked was the Sling Shot. So for the record 4 tasters were involved in the sampling. The flavor was smooth the whole way through. All indulging, praised this lager as top notch.  The reason for my travels was to work at the University of Iowa in Iowa City.  To my surprise the hotel happened to be one block from the Back Pocket Brewery. Delaying this dispatch for better news reporting was required. The draught beer of Sling Shot was over the top for this reporter. You must see this pub. They have 10” fire oven pizza pies that complimented all their draught.
The travel through Iowa with its rolling hills of corn fields was relaxing. I see why Grant Woods focused on painting the country side.  He was probably sampling the regional beers.
To all, enjoy birds , fish, art, brew, & life.  You choose the order.