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​photo by Bill Lee

I enjoyed reading the horse pack trip article in the Fall issue. I would love to do the same with my daughter.

That was a fantastic trip, Steve.  Shane with Sunrise Pack Station runs a first class operation.  I can't recommend his trips enough.  He also has a daughter.

I thought Honolulu was all Don Ho and tacky hula shows. I am ready to see Don Ho and learn the hula if I can catch bonefish like that.


Mark, unfortunately you are too late to see Don Ho.  I believe he passed away a few years back.  However, you can still learn the hula and catch big bonefish.

Winter has blown in again just as it does every year.  Although we miss the warm sunny days, this season brings other opportunities for hunting and fishing fun, although usually under heavier clothing.  Duck and goose hunting and upland game birds are prime targets this time of year.  Many friends and family are walking fields, or hunkered down in blinds together, dropping birds and capturing memories.  This time of year usually dictates wet fly fishing, slowly dredging the depths of streams, unless of course you are chasing saltwater species.  Then your fly choice and technique may vary somewhat.

We have another great issue this winter.  Chad Bryson shares his Alaskan Dreams with killer photography from Russell Owens.  Luke Mayfield entertains us with his memory of A November Hunt with his father and brother.  Bob Mallard gives up some excellent information on fishing in Maine's Brook Trout Ponds.  Peter Dick has contributed an article on Vancouver Island Steelheading.  Mike Ernst contributes a photo essay on duck hunting and I share some thoughts on Mardi Gras Redfish and The Lodge.  Our feature artist is Becca Schlaff.  Her amazing paintings catch the art of fish.

Please enjoy our Winter Isuue.  Stay warm and keep hunting and fishing.

Hi Jim,Just got the new edition. Good stuff, keep up the good work.


Thanks for the comments Greg



Thanks Aaron.  I can see that you are a man of few words.  I truly like the one word that you have chosen, though.

I really liked the dog training article. I am wondering if it would work on my kids.


Great question Jeff. I do use my children for retrievers. I am not saying that people should have kids just for retrieving...they are also handy to get preboard preference on airplane flights