Cover photo: Steelhead by Aaron Goodis 

This issue is dedicated to

Raymond  Carlton

He caught more 7 pound plus bass, most from a belly boat, than anyone I know.  He  was the best of friend, great artist, self made oil man and hunting/fishing partner.  Your family, friends and I miss you Raymond

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                                                 Houston Whiskey Festival or.....

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Happy Ending                           The Last Shot


Gamebirds Down Under

          Article and photography by Pete Ryan

Aaron Goodis - Photo Essay             
           Photography by Aaron Goodis.  

Eva's on Andros 
           Article and photography by Jim and Nick Gebhart

King Turkey
           Article and photography by Bill Lee

           Article and photography by Mary Anne Dozer

Michigan March Madness
           Article and photography by Nick Britton

Rise of the Fishing Club
           Article and photography by Sons of Dagon

Fly Therapy

         Article and photography by Doug Fries