Great Summer issue! had a chance to read it today and you are doing a hell of a job!

Rob, we can tell that you are a man of taste and knowledge.  Please continue reading OTFM.

I am BLOWN away at the incredible quality of your magazine...This is remarkably well done...I went thru it last night ...and today I will back-track, and read the articles I know I'll like...AMMMAZING !!!  Just to be sure...the editor (J.Gebhart) this the same  Jim Gebhart who ran (about half in the bag) with the fighting bulls in the narrow streets of Pamplona a couple of years ago ? It doesn't seem possible....but....This really IS you, right ?.... Nice job, dude.


Thank you for the compliments on OTFM, Terry.  That may have been me, "half in the bag."

​photo by John Sikora

Reader Comments

Been a subscriber to On The Fly for about half a year. Nice format, great articles. Keep up the great work.


Thanks for the comments Mike

Great mag… I especially like the Coastal & Flats article in your last issue.


Thanks John.  We try to mix up the salt and the freshwater articles.

Love the new issue Jim, definitely "my cup of tea," lol


Glad you liked it, Ben. I would drink tea with you, anytime.

Incredibly, Fall 2014 has arrived.  The hot summer days are mostly behind us and the cooler days that make fly fishing and bird hunting so enjoyable are here.  This fall, two numbers stick out in my mind; 1 and 20,454.

1, because this Fall Issue is the first anniversary of On The Fly Magazine.  It has been a wonderful year of great trips, photography, video and stories.  I can't thank enough, the contributors, friends, associates and you, the reader, that have made OTFM a reality.

20,454, are the number of days that I have been alive, effective October 20th.  It sounds like a lot of days, but not that many.  They go by quickly.  Many of those days were spent chasing fish on three different continents and hunting waterfowl and upland game birds on only one, so far.  There are many more places that I will hunt and fish before I'm done.  I expect that most of those new places will be recounted in OTFM.  I hope you look forward to those stories as much as I do.

We have another great issue this Fall.  Pete Ryan is back with his second installment of "On the Gringo Trail."  Louie DeNolfo tells us about the huge bonefish down Honolulu way.  Greg Darling tells us about regaining the spark in "Fishing with Gabe."  Greg Midyett remembers a trip on  "Ten Mile Creek." and John Iverson entertains us with his video "Redfish Crawling." "Cache Creek Cutthroats," is my story about a horse pack trip  with my daughter into the mountains  of NE Yellowstone.

Go fishing.  Go hunting.  Enjoy this wondeful Fall!