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This summer I just got my 53rd world record on a fly when I was fishing for smallmouth and carp on Lake Michigan and ended up with a 46" channel catfish on my crayfish pattern. That beast was nearly 30 pounds. Try to land that in waders with no net. :) I like the look of your magazine very much. Thanks.

Best Always, Scott

Dude!  You have got it going on.  We want to fish with you!
Thanks for reading.

I'm enjoying your first issue and laughed my way silly through Anne Vandewalle's piece. Some wondrous photography, and the variety of contributions kept me engaged. Congratulations on your first issue and for dedicating it to Colorado flood victims. I have a few friends who were displaced from Lyons, slowly making their way back into the community.

Cheers! Patrice

Thanks Patrice!  We look forward to more articles from Anne.  She is busy working on her "Can You Teach a Horse to Fish" documentary. 

Thank you so much for adding Reel Recovery to your magazine. I helped raise money to bring it to Arkansas and Missouri. ... now for Mississippi!! Robin

Thanks for working to assist Reel Recovery Robin. OTFM is dedicated to support this organization with both fundraising and staff volunteers.

Congrats on launching your new magazine. Serious work. Beautiful and free of pompous hook n bullet prose. Best Wishes, Fred

Solid work on the magazine... really well done.

Warmly, Bob

Looks great. However, I know a LOT of people have serious problems when hunting and fly fishing is putting together in the same magazine.


We're glad you like the magazine Hans.  And we're glad that we don't know some of the same people.

What a terrific job you did with this inaugural issue! Way to go. Really enjoyed the article “Adequate Catch”. The author writes very well. Loved her tongue in cheek attitude. I would love to see more articles by her. Also enjoyed the NZ fly fishing article. Makes me want to go there and try my hand at fly fishing in NZ. The video of Trout Diaries was entertaining and informative. Keep up the good work. Please put me on your mailing list (if you have one) for future issues.  Mary

I think we may see more from both Anne and Derek.  And're on our list.

I like the content and the grassroots photojournalism. The navigation is a real challenge. I have to "page down" for every page in order to advance to the next page. It would be great to have all of the content above the fold, so that everything, including navigation is all on one page. Hope this is helpful input. Eric

We appreciate the feedback Eric.  You still have to page down to read your comment.  We are working on that.

January 2014. It got here before we expected. The new year brings with it new opportunities to spend time with family and friends doing the favorite things we like to and hunting and all the things that go along with it. I am excited about the articles and photography of this issue. It turned into more of an international issue than we first expected. We have wonderful contributions from Will Blair and his vision of Kamchatka, Pete Ryan with his view on tiger fishing in Africa and Dionne Crawford provides an interesting perspective on his local waters in South Africa. Honor Grainger shares her thoughts on breaking into "the Field Sports of England." Rod Hamilton discusses DIY Bonefishing and will be sending us Dispatches from the Flats as he fishes his way through exotic bonefishing flats across the Caribbean. Sherry Steele confirms her thoughts on Women with Vices. Sue Farley reports on some of the premier fly fishing lodges of New Zealand. I share a tale of teal hunting.

We received some interesting emails from readers, regarding the Fall Issue. We absolutely are interested in your thoughts on our current issue. Drop us a line. We read them all!

Jim Gebhart