Cover photo: Wintering on the Coast by Roy Meyer

This issue is dedicated to

Roland G Rankin

He taught me to fish

He taught me to hunt

He taught me what it takes to be a man

and a father

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Chicks with Sticks                     Ladies in the Field and Water
Happy Ending                           The Last Shot


DIY Bonefishing

          Article and photography by Rod Hamilton

Kamchatka - Photo Essay             
           Photography by Will Blair.  

Tiger! Burning Bright In Africa 
           Article and photography by Pete Ryan

A "Spruit" Trickles Through It
           Article and photography by Dionne Crawford

Chicks with Vices 
           Article and photography by Sherry Steele

Teal Death do us Part 
           Article and photography by Jim Gebhart

I am women 
           Article by Honor Grainger

On the Fly in New Zealand 
           Article and photography by Sue Farley